In order for the plumbing to be done professionally, it is necessary to make a project before starting the installation. Installation should be started after the plumbing project is drawn and approved.

First of all, when starting this project, the process of drawing end materials, designing cold and hot water pipes, and drawing waste water and rain water lines are done in line with the sanitary installation requirements of the building and the requests of the person who installed the installation.

The material used is very important. Two types of pipes are used, for example copper pipe and plastic pipe. Pipes vary according to the usage area. Within the scope of the water plumbing project, it is decided where these pipes will be used.

Where the external equipment of the installation, such as closet, reservoir kitchen sink, should be located in the most accurate way, the material is supplied in this direction. Because, for example, the distance of the kitchen sink to the place of waste water provides a great idea about the pipe length to be used, and even directly depends on it.

Even the probability of entanglement of the hoses attached to the taps used in balcony and garden installations during irrigation is taken into consideration in the drawing of these projects. Likewise, sprinkler or ornamental pools are also handled within the plumbing project.

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